Maritime solutions

HEITEC AG is your expert partner in the shipbuilding industry and related supply sector. The company’s portfolio of products and services covers the design, planning, engineering, and implementation of switchgear, automation, HMI/SCADA, and software. System integration in the area of navigation equipment, communication equipment, and entertainment systems complete our offering. HEITEC AG’s technicians and engineers implement solutions – as a partial or complete project – for a wide range of shipbuilding applications in the form of planning engineering services.

HEITEC AG supplies solutions in the following areas:

Equipping electrical systems involves, among other things, producing low-voltage switchgear, desks, and consoles. These are equipped based on the customer’s specifications. On-board equipment is coordinated and, if applicable, implemented with partners.

The type and version of the navigation systems supplied are defined in a specification. The specification takes into account the requirements of both owner and shipyard. As integrator of these systems, we can combine almost all commercial products to form complete systems.

The numerous complex systems on a ship require substantial service and maintenance. In addition to pure maintenance activities, an ever-greater emphasis is being placed on early fault detection. Computer-aided service and maintenance systems assist on-board personnel to meet these requirements. Recording specific operational data and comparing it with standard values stored in a database lets operators initiate preventive measures before an error or system failure occurs.

HEITEC AG services in the field of maritime solutions

  • System-specific consulting for switchgear, navigation and communication systems, and other electrical ship operation equipment
  • System-specific planning
  • Methodology in engineering
  • Low-voltage switchgear and distribution systems
  • Communication systems
  • Entertainment systems and networks
  • Navigation systems
  • Electric cables
  • Design
  • Specification and procurement
  • Technical and commercial project management
  • Acceptance tests, including Factory Acceptance Test, Harbor Acceptance Test, and Sea Acceptance Tests
  • Documentation
  • Producing switchgear and distribution systems
  • Producing bridge and machine-room desks and consoles
  • System integration
  • Testing production capacity according to specified standards
  • Commissioning of products produced in-house
  • Commissioning support for purchased systems