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Engineering and plant construction

Electrical engineering with switching system production and control and drive technology

HEITEC AG is your expert partner in the engineering and plant construction industry and offers industrial solutions in electrical engineering using switching system production, control and drive technology, HMI/SCADA, and MES. HEITEC AG’s technicians and engineers implement industrial solutions – in the form of engineering planning services, partial projects, or a complete project – for a wide range of general contractors in the engineering and plant construction industry.

Our customers range from the automotive industry – where we plan and implement the electrical equipment for assembly lines, robot handling, and MES solutions that serve to process order and production data – all the way to the packaging industry, where the focus is on dynamics in drive technology.

We offer cross-industry solutions and can draw on a wide range of expertise in engineering and plant construction.

  • Machine control systems
  • Measurement and testing systems
  • Visualization systems
  • Smart sensor/actuator technology
  • Digital system and process planning
  • Virtual commissioning