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Logistics industry

Automation expertise with logistics and intralogistics

There’s a very high demand for innovative solutions in the logistics sector. With its expertise in automation, HEITEC AG offers a solid foundation for new, innovative solutions and modernization (retrofits) of automated high-bay warehouses, implemented by experienced technicians and engineers.

System solutions for plant engineering and modernization (retrofits)

HEITEC’s engineers focus on executing projects that create new automation systems or modernize existing systems (retrofits) in the logistics and intralogistics industry. These projects include conveyor technologies and transport systems with Power & Free, electronic suspension tracks, roll and chain conveyors, and elevators. HEITEC’s main focus is on replacing controllers, drives, visualization systems, and safety technology.

Modernizing warehouse management systems:

  • Mechanical components
  • Drive technology
  • Automation systems
  • Network technology
  • Vertical IT integration

With comprehensive services that extend from planning to handover and support, HEITEC AG stands by its customers every step of the way.

Our range of services covers everything from assessing the current situation in your plants in terms of throughput and availability to preparing a risk analysis and developing modernization concepts – all the way to implementing the necessary or desired measures.

We offer our customers the opportunity to work with us on small conversion packages as well as total renovations.

Success stories

Modernization of high-bay warehouse

To ensure the future availability of the high-bay warehouse, it was necessary to modernize the control and drive technology as well as the safety systems...

Retrofit of an AWT (automatic goods transport) system based (Klinikum Fulda gAG)

The AWT system at Fulda Hospital – underground and away from patient traffic – controls about 360 containers that guarantee supply and disposal services to every hospital ward...

Partial retrofit of an automation/logistics system for an order picking warehouse

HEITEC was tasked to analyze the situation and the risk of an outage, and to perform a retrofit...