New systems, retrofits

Whether it’s a new system, system expansion, or retrofit – it’s based on a precise requirement analysis that considers all relevant factors, including location of use, function, and the state of the art. Our engineers use this analysis to develop exactly the solution you need. They define the level of system integration to fit your needs.

Comprehensive approach

Our all-inclusive services in automation include the consulting, planning, and design of industrial solutions in electrical engineering, automation, mechatronics, and information processing. And if you wish, we can also provide these services as a general contractor, for such diverse projects as incorporating MSR technology, vertical and horizontal integration, and motion control applications.

Increased production through modernization

In addition to equipping new systems, updating existing systems with retrofits is also a field of growing importance.

In this context, HEITEC works primarily in the areas of special machines and machine tools, warehouse logistics, and the manufacturing-related aspects of production operations. We provide customized solutions, whether it’s at the control level with actuator and sensor engineering and intelligent drive technology or at the technical process control level with process visualization and optimization – all the way to connecting to the
ERP level, for example with SAP. For these projects, our subsidiary HEISAB offers the support of more than 30 SAP specialists.

Software-based support for engineering processes

An important productivity driver in system modernization is software-based support for engineering processes using virtual models of machines, systems, robot applications, and material flows.

This makes it possible to develop and test procedures on machine components more efficiently, regardless of the degree of completion of the machine or system.

When reconfiguring existing systems, HEITEC runs desk tests on the automation software so that it can be downloaded to the system without error and with the least possible disruption of the production process.