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Digitalize service with HeiMAX

Imagine if your service technicians completed plant maintenance up to 40 percent faster. Less-qualified personnel can also easily learn the new software and perform maintenance tasks independently. After a customer’s plant has been serviced, you don’t need to wait weeks for your technician to complete their tour and deliver their inspection reports.

Comb through 100 pages of paper? That’s a thing of the past. With HeiMAX, I have exactly the information I need in a matter of seconds.

Klaus Nussbaum

Head of IT

Real-time reporting, better plannability


Instead, the field service employee enters their updated service data into the corporate network that evening from their hotel. You have the report on your desk the next day and can plan when and where you’ll send the employee and their colleagues next. You see online and in real time that maintenance work on a particular plant is taking longer than planned? Or that a technician has already checked 300 out of 500 inspection points and is ahead of schedule? Thanks to the fast transmission of data, you can schedule efficiently in real time. Do you think that’s impossible? It’s possible – with HeiMAX. And there’s more:

Maintain plants as a team


Does a large company’s bottling plant need maintenance? Every day of downtime costs the customer a tremendous amount of money. Each individual complex machine has about 1,000 inspection points. A single service technician has already been working on it for several weeks.

HeiMAX now makes collaborative work possible. Your service team can work with multiple tablet PCs in parallel and service the plant together. For example, the IT technician reads out the list of error messages, while at the same time the mechanic lubricates a gearbox and the electrician repairs a wire in the switchbox. The tablets sync automatically, so each service technician always has up-to-date information. That’s how downtimes in larger plants can be reduced by up to 40 percent. The plant can start up again after one to two weeks.

Preserve knowledge and pass it on


In the past when an experienced technician retired, the bulk of their knowledge and experience retired with them. Not so with HeiMAX. Thanks to the mobile maintenance assistant, your employees’ experience and expertise remain with you even after they leave the company – conveniently stored and accessible quickly and precisely at any time. That enables you to continuously optimize your service.