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HeiMAX in action

A mound of paper, pages of checklists incompletely filled out, illegible hand-written notes: What service technician wouldn’t want a more practical maintenance system? As a machine and plant builder with more than 30 years of experience in service and maintenance, HEITEC is well aware of these problems.

Necessity is the mother of invention

That’s why HEITEC’s experienced IT specialists spent so much time working on the following questions: How can maintenance processes be made more practical, efficient, and transparent? How can the necessary but tedious and time-consuming process of documentation during maintenance activities be made simpler and faster? How can we create a system that everyone can access including simultaneously, that can learn as it goes, is easy to operate and, finally, is profitable for the company?

After a few months of tinkering and optimizing, the answer came in 2016: The HeiMAX software for service and maintenance was developed.

HeiMAX thinks and learns

Using the maintenance app, machines and plants can be simply and easily serviced, from planning and implementation to the coordination of multiple machines in a plant. The software is installed on a tablet PC but also runs on any terminal, and it guides service technicians through the process step by step in a user-friendly manner. HeiMAX thinks along with you, documents at the press of a button, and learns from your experience.

Benefits down the line

Finally there’s something for everyone: technicians, who are clearly guided step by step through the maintenance process; IT supervisors, who can develop their deployment schedules reliably and in real time and respond much faster to changes; and managers, for whom efficiently maintained machines make it possible to plan profitably and for the long term.

Many versions

HeiMAX is as flexible as our customers. The maintenance solution is available in a standalone version on one tablet PC that’s connected directly to the machine; in a collaborative version with two or more tablet PCs that work in parallel and sync automatically; or as a client-server solution in which several PCs or mobile terminals can be controlled via a central server. Do you work with Android and iOS devices? They can also be connected in a hybrid solution.

Do you have to service a ship?

HeiMAX enables collaborative work on multiple tablet PCs that sync automatically, allowing all parties involved to view the current maintenance status anytime and from any location. Up to 50 service technicians can service a machine or plant simultaneously.

Interested? Take a closer look.

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Has this happened to you? You’re standing in front of the plant that requires maintenance holding a stack of folders with operating instructions, checklists, and wiring diagrams. The wrench for inspection point 7 doesn’t fit, and you have to write this down.

Imagine if your service technicians completed plant maintenance up to 40 percent faster. Less-qualified personnel can also easily learn the new software and perform maintenance tasks independently.

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Everybody’s talking about Industry 4.0, smart solutions, and automated processes. Would you like to implement them? Then let’s start with the maintenance of your plants: Maintenance costs money, time, and resources.