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Service guarantees the future

Everybody’s talking about Industry 4.0, smart solutions, and automated processes. Would you like to implement them? Start with the maintenance of your plants. Maintenance costs money, time, and resources. With the HeiMAX mobile software solution, your maintenance becomes plannable, reliable, and profitable over the long term.

We optimized our production processes with HeiMAX. Since then, we’ve had no more unplanned maintenance costs.

Alexander Krüger


Win with HeiMAX


Imagine your maintenance department finishing up to 40 percent faster than before. And at the same time, the maintenance work is more efficient, thanks to the HeiMAX innovative software tool – with the result that your machines have a longer service life. Employees with less training can also do the work reliably and promptly. All the information is stored digitally and centrally, but can also be selectively evaluated using filters. Statistics or overviews? They can be generated in seconds with the press of a button. The expertise and experience of seasoned employees remains with your company even after the employees leave.

With HeiMAX, you have a product “Made in Germany” by a future-oriented company with many years of experience in machine and plant building and software development. Ultimately, your plant needs to stay profitable.

Think holistically


Quality management, evaluation processes, and validation processes? They’re performed reliably using stored data that’s quickly and easily accessible. Plants can resume ongoing operation much sooner, while expert maintenance also guarantees a longer service life. This saves time and money – for you and your customers. The maintenance process is continuously optimized, so it becomes increasingly efficient. That pays off.

Are you concerned about things like interface management or data security? We’ll be happy to advise you and work with you to develop the optimal solution for your company. Do you think it’s all still a long way off? Not for us.